Insurance Carriers - Consultants

We want to ensure that you are offering the very best insurance products to your clients. Therefore, we only partner with the finest insurance companies in the country.

Golden Consideration Trust

Golden Considerations has partnered with Funeral Services, Inc. (FSI) and Roosevelt Investments to provide the most competitive and comprehensive trust offering in the nation.

Legacy Safeguard

Legacy Safeguard is a complete turn-key marketing system and legacy planning tool that you can offer FREE to your clients when you contract with Golden Considerations.

Prepaid Emergency Transport

This membership provides life-saving emergency assistance from home or while traveling and protects against catastrophic financial loss when emergencies arise.

Marketing Professionals

Boost your sales by using our two decades of marketing expertise. From direct mail to radio spots, we bring the best tools and expertise to the marketing process.

Leads Manager System

Get full access to our Leads Manager System. This CRM is designed for you to acquire, manage, and track your leads the entire way through the sales process.