Advantage Choices

Each of our funeral home partners are able to choose any combination of our Advantage Choices when they contract with Golden Considerations.  Our Advantage Choices are:

Casket Freeze: Enhance your bottom line by controlling your greatest outside expense. If you specify a casket on a qualifying prearrangement we will refund the difference between the current cost of that unit and the inflated cost at the time of need.  

Shortfall account: In today’s economy maintaining future profitability goals are more challenging than ever. By prudently investing a portion of your commission and/or allocations that traditionally have been credited to your policies, we can seamlessly improve your long-term margins.

Marketing:  Whether you consider yourself a passive or aggressive preneed marketer, our proven marketing system has something for you. We not only provide you with the tools to succeed, but we’ll give you the money too! We will double your marketing account in the form of an advance for all approved marketing campaigns.