Preneed / Atneed Remotely

Write Preneed/Atneed Remotely using industry leading technology built for Deathcare. We are equipping our Preneed Agents, and Funeral Directors with the tools to write business remotely. Serving seniors, this solution has never been so important.

Advantage Choices

Each of our funeral home partners are able to choose one of our Advantage Choices when they contract with Golden Considerations. Our Advantage Choices are: Casket Freeze, Shortfall Account and Marketing.

Leads Manager

Get full access to our Leads Manager System. This CRM is designed for you to acquire, manage, and track your leads the entire way through the sales process.

Marketing Programs

Boost your sales by using our two decades of marketing expertise. Our proprietary marketing systems help lead tens of thousands of families through the funeral funding process every year.

Travel Protection Plan

This plan protects your clients and helps ensure that if a death occurs when they are away from home, their body will be sent to their trusted funeral home.

Trust & Agent Services

Not Licensed to sell insurance but you still want all of the benefits of selling preneed? No problem! We have developed a turnkey system for you to sell your clients preneed insurance.

FAQ's for Professionals

This frequently asked questions page contains information and advice for the funeral professional. If you do not find the answer to your questions, please write, call or visit us to speak with a staff member.

Social Media Outreach

Funeral Innovations can help you easily grow an online presence in your community through social media.